my family album, in photos and handmade prints, PAGE 2

The etching shows the corner intersection of two highways that was a cool shady retreat from the hot summer, especially when the car hop brought an ice-cold A & W Root Beer Float to go with your chili dog and fries.

The whole family of eventually 6 children were involved in the restaurant operation. I spent all my summers there and eventually even got paid by the hour.

This photo shows mother dishing out some ice cold watermelon. It is a special occasion since cousin Judy is visiting. I can't think of a more happy day than when I got a piece of watermelon that large.


Etching with Aquatint

family plan, 5-2005



we had a fancy car and a fancy home with wheels too.


reduction linocut, 3-2005

family home n auto, edition of 5



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