My Ascent via a WizWheelz recumbent trike of 3985' LaCumbre Peak on February 26th, 2000 by David Lawson


 On the day before my 52nd birthday, I earned my LaCumbre Peak badge*, having ridden 33 miles on my WizWheelz TerraTrike roundtrip from my home in Goleta Valley--near sea level, to LaCumbre Peak--overlooking the city of Santa Barbara, California.

I had done this ride a number of times earlier in my life--via mountain bike when I was in my 30's and early 40's, but now that I was solidly into my 50's I wanted to see if I could still climb the mountain . . . and in a trike. After all, in the three years since acquiring the TerraTrike(s) I had found it to be an all-weather commute-to-work velocar, a great way to do century rides, and in general a fun way for this "boomer" to stay in shape.

The Santa Ynez Mountains in the background include the clouded summit of LaCumbre Peak that was my objective. The foreground is Goleta Beach Park and beyond lies Goleta Valley. This photo was taken a few weeks after the ride from the University of California, Santa Barbara campus--along the daily route of my trike commute from home to my work at the campus (yes, it is a lovely commute!)
  *The next day on my birthday, I was presented with an "honorary scout badge" by my family. I'll cherish it more than any ride patch I've earned for doing a century ride.

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