The 33 mile trek involved approximately 9 miles of a gradual climb from near sea level in western Santa Barbara to 700 feet elevation behind the Santa Barbara Mission. The graph below depicts the next 8.5 miles of ascending Gibraltar Road and then joining East Camino Cielo for a mile and half to the top: La Cumbre Peak.

After leaving the peak, I travelled approximately 6 miles along the ridge line of the Santa Ynez mountains using East Camino Cielo Road. The final portion involved a quick descent down Painted Cave Road and then Old San Marcos Road, ending up with a short ride through the Goleta neighborhoods back home.

 This graph depicts the 8 1/2 mile part of the trip that was the main ascent. The dip--"false summit," in the graph near the top is where Gibraltar Road intersects with Camino Cielo, the road which follows the crest of the Santa Ynez mountains for many miles. That short descent was a welcome relief after a number of segments that averaged 10%, 12.5%, or even one 15% grade over the 1000 foot increments.