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This is a weekly photo progress of the Garden in 2001..

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Our Small Five-         4 Square Foot Gardens - this garden CAM picture  is updated at least         twice a day.

Square Foot Gardening

You are invited to "Watch Our Garden Grow". 

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Keep your eye on the 3 square plots in the picture that are visible. Some days you will see more than others. We get a lot of overcast days this time of year and the camera view is dark. Here in Lompoc, summer comes in September:-) 

We started the garden during the first week in April, 2001. Square Foot Gardening seemed to fit our small plot just right. Last year Claudia planted the same area but in rows. We built the 6" high box out of cheap lumber, nailing the corners and then staking the corners in the ground for added strength. The square foot method is much easier to prepare, plant, and maintain.

Inside each box we dug up about a shovel depth and turned the soil while at the same time breaking up the large pieces of earth. We then added 2 cu. ft. of potting soil and 2 cu. ft. of organic compost.

This was mixed into the soil and raised the level inside the box about 4 inches.


So far we have planted squash, radishes, 3 kinds of beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and more. Be sure to look at the weekly  pictures I take to see how Claudia's Garden grows.

By the end of the first day, this is how the garden looked.

Most of the graphics for this web page are lovingly hosted by our son Bill who lives in Martinez, CA. He generously provides the disk space for these and many other family photos and electronic mail at no charge to us. He doesn't know how much we really appreciate him and how much enjoyment we have all received from his generosity. Thank you Bill for providing server space!

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